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Listen and Learn Music: On the Inside

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On the Inside

Today's post is one I think (or at least, I hope) you'll like. I've been having so much fun experimenting with the video camera feature on my iPhone that I thought I'd put it to good use. So I'm going to take you on a tour of my home studio, where all of the Music Therapy Connections magic happens. Please pardon my lack of camera skills - I'm still new at this, and I need some more work on holding it steady :)

Please feel free to ask questions about any of the things you saw in the video. I am always more than happy to share my resources with you, my wonderful readers. Oh, and I also would like to mention that my Kickstarter Project, "Listen & Learn: Music for a Different Kind of Audience" has almost reached the quarter mark thanks to you! Currently, you have pledged $456 out of the $2,000 goal. I can't wait to see who brings it to the $500 mark...could it be you?

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