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Friday, May 1, 2009

Sound-Off: Custom CDs

You may ask yourself from time to time...what could possibly be better than visiting Listen & Learn and hearing your favorite tunes over and over again? The answer: a $10.00 custom CD with your choice of 10 songs, the option of personalization, and free shipping.

Sandie and her son Matthew are frequent customers, having already ordered two custom CDs. Sandie writes:

Matthew's Custom CD arrived in the mail yesterday and WE LOVE IT!! :) Thank you so much. I can't express to you enough how much you make a positive difference in our days and how your music and creative songs and ideas help Matthew and help me in creating a positive and music-filled learning environment that is fun, fun and oh so much fun for both of us.

One of the sounds we are working on is "la la la la la" and your "Sunny Day" song is perfect for learning that sound. Matthew will actually chime in with his "a ya ya ya ya" at the appropriate place when we sing that song. We are still working on him being able to make the "la la" sound. He actually did start making the "t" sound and knows the sound "T" makes when I ask him so that tongue of his is working overtime to figure out how it can make different sounds.

We just got done singing to "Jingle Joe" with tambourines and Matthew will shake his mini tambourine really fast now when we sing that part.

Your music is a blessing, your ability to teach skills in a positive way without ever feeling like therapy IS exactly what I have always felt that therapy should be as much as possible. God's hand is definitely at work through you. :)

To learn more about Listen & Learn Custom CDs and order one of your very own, click here.

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