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Listen and Learn Music: August Already?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August Already?

Why is it that the winter months seem to last forever, while the summer flies by and is over in the blink of an eye? I know it's not over yet, but as soon as August hits, I'm reminded that these lazy days are dwindling. Not that my summer has been lazy; actually, quite the opposite is true. But the sunshine and warm temps make life a little easier, no matter what is going on.

Well as you know, with each new month comes a song, and August is no exception. Here's a tune to celebrate month number eight; take a listen:

Hot and sunny days are here,
And the end of the summer is near.
August is month number eight
And all thirty one days are great.

We’ll take a break from school days,
Everyone swims and plays.
Summer will be leaving soon,
So we sing this happy tune:


Time to get ready for the school year,
But there’s nothing for us to fear.
Class is fun and we learn a lot,
And in case you forgot:


Let’s pack up our book bags
And greet our teachers and friends.
Soon enough it will be fall,
But until the summer ends:


Last year around this time, I was knee-deep in wedding plans, parties, and other related celebrations. I have a feeling this August will be a bit more calm in comparison :) We are celebrating our one-year anniversary next weekend in St. Louis, so I'll have that to look forward to as I jump right into another work week. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

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At August 3, 2009 at 3:39 AM , Anonymous Piano Teacher said...

Thanks for sharing! I really enjoyed listening to the song. It has now become my LSS (Last Song Syndrome) melody - the same song that keeps playing on my mind. :-) Love the beat and the rhythm. Just in case, you want to learn and share more music and piano teaching tips and resources, check some reliable and experienced music teachers websites today and learn more.

Happy Anniversary, by the way. Keep the love burning. Cheers!


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