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Listen and Learn Music: CD of the Month Club

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CD of the Month Club

At the beginning of every month, I create a CD of the songs we will sing on a regular basis in most of the classrooms at my school. Of course, there are always add-ins depending on what concepts the teachers would like for me to address, but because routine is so important to our students, music therapy follows this basic outline:

1. Hello
2. Calendar
3. Weather
4. Instrument Play/Movement
5. Concept Songs
6. Goodbye

These CDs are approximately 30 minutes in duration and generally contain 12-15 songs. I work with fifteen classes at my school, but I usually end up making closer to 25 CDs because, inevitably, I will receive requests from parents, staff, and visitors to the school. Over the last couple of months, I've had a handful of readers ask for their own copy of my "CD of the Month", which is why I decided to start this club.

There are two options:

1) Purchase a 12-month set for $80
2) Purchase a single CD for $10 in any given month

Shipping is free, and you will receive your CD(s) in the week preceding the month for which you purchased. You can also opt to download the CD rather than receive a physical copy.

Since October begins tomorrow, the first CDs to go out will be for November. Choose option 1 or 2 below, and then proceed to join the club!

Physical CD or Download?
Note: You may join at any time. Your 12 month membership will begin in the month after you sign up.



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