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Listen and Learn Music: Sunday Singalong: The Leaves on the Trees

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Singalong: The Leaves on the Trees

You can find the original post of this song, including lyrics, here.

Tonight's edition of "Sunday Singalong" goes out to a very special fan of mine: hi, Matthew! Matthew's mom emailed me last week and told me that although her son has many Listen & Learn favorites, he responds to this particular tune with excitement and anticipation as I speed up faster and faster. He's not the only one; this is a favorite among my own students for the very same reason! Matthew will receive a free download of the Listen & Learn album of his choice, and you can have the same if I select your song suggestion to be featured in an upcoming "Sunday Singalong" video. It could be one of my own songs or a cover, so be creative.  Just leave a comment or email me with your suggestion.

How was your weekend?  Mine was full of music, so of course it was wonderful :)  I spent most of Saturday preparing some new songs and rehearsing for a show I played last night, which went very well.  I was extremely surprised (and thrilled!) by the turnout...not only was my regular cheering section in attendance, but some friends from out of town, church, work, and even a few parents of my students were there, too!  It was a blast.  The music-making continued today when my friend Cory came over to record with me (more on that soon).  A few hours of sleep, and I'll be ready to take on a new week!

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At January 31, 2010 at 10:09 PM , Blogger Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...

Thank you, thank you, Rachel!! Thank you for choosing Matthew's song request and taking the time to make a Sunday Singalong video. I wish that you could have seen his reaction when he sat down at the computer and watched you singing "The Leaves On The Trees". A big smile came across his face, he turned and gave me a kiss (meant for you I'm sure) then back to
intently watching, smiling, listening, recognizing the song we listen to on his CD...but actually SEEING YOU sing it. The only time he took his eyes off you singing was to turn to me (all smiles) and right back to you. He loved watching you speed up the song right before his eyes and he even laughed a couple times. At the end of the song, he signed "more, more, more" his fingers signing as quickly as you were singing. He watched the video THREE times and I know he'll watch it many more. Thank you for making Matthew smile. :) (and Matthew's Mom too)


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