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Listen and Learn Music: It's a Cold Day!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's a Cold Day!

Happy Tuesday to you all! You might recall that a few days ago, I shared with you the "Chilly Day" song since the temperature finally decided to head downwards. Well it didn't stop there; now it's just downright cold. In fact, we even had a few snowflakes yesterday. Luckily they have subsided (I'm not ready for that yet!), but the cold remains. So here's a very fitting song to complement the current conditions here in the good ol' Midwest:

Cold day, it’s a cold day
The temperature is low, this I know.
Cold day, it’s a cold day
So I’ll stay inside and watch the cold wind blow.

Cold day, it’s a cold day
I can see my breath each time I sing or talk.
Cold day, it’s a cold day
I need to bundle up if I go for a walk.

Cold day, it’s a cold day
The heat is on inside at home and school.
Cold day, it’s a cold day
I’ll zip my coat up because being warm is cool!

I spent last weekend in sunny Orlando, and now I'm bracing for the opposite end of the spectrum weatherwise as I head to Connecticut on Thursday. It will be a wonderful weekend no matter what the weather, as my family will be celebrating my brother-in-law Rob's marriage to his beautiful bride, Shannon.

But until then, look for another Thanksgiving tune tomorrow as we inch closer to that yummy holiday. I can't wait!

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