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Listen and Learn Music: Music is for Ourselves, Too

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Music is for Ourselves, Too

I know I'm not alone in the fact that I am constantly forgetting this, and then being reminded of it every so often. Those of us in the music therapy or education field, particularly those who work with children, are so focused on how music can help our students and clients that we often lose sight of music's role in our own lives. Most of us probably went into our profession because we were positively affected by the presence of music in our lives, and wanted to share that with others. At least, I know this was the case for me. Yet very rarely do I take the time now to listen to or write music for myself.

Very recently, I experienced one of those aforementioned "reminders". I've really liked Ingrid Michaelson, an indie singer-songwriter, ever since her song "The Way I Am" was made famous in an Old Navy commercial (if you are chilly, here, take my sweater...). I checked out some of her other songs, but sort of forgot about her until recently, when her album Everybody was released. I purchased it on iTunes, and burned it to a CD so that I could listen to it in the car.

Well that was two weeks ago, and I haven't stopped listening. I really identify with several songs on the CD, particularly the title track. It's usually the last song I listen to before I get to school, and today I realized how refreshed I felt, how inspired, just by hearing that song. It was a familiar feeling; I'm easily moved by music when I actually take the time to listen. But that is the key - taking the time to really listen, and discover which music is a positive influence on our lives, our work, our sanity.

It's hard to take off my music therapy hat. In fact, I think it's glued to my head! After I finish my last session or lesson of the night, I think to myself, "What song could I write to help Susie with (insert goal here)?". A blessing that I love my job so much, but at the same time, a curse that I have a difficult time walking away from it, separating the "music" from "music therapy" every once in a while.

What music do you listen to for yourself? I'm very interested in hearing about the musical outlets that you seek outside the realm of therapy, education, and parenting, so please share.

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At September 16, 2009 at 9:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i started teaching music, i told my husband that he had to allow me to play with an adult group. i really do enjoy listening to music, but i much prefer to MAKE music. i play bassoon with the local college orchestra (open to all community members). we meet one night a week and give 4 performances a year, including one masterworks with full community choir. we aren't the best, but we all enjoy what we are doing and work hard to make a great performance. it's nice to have some time to share great music with other adult musicians. i have played with this group for over 10 years and love every minute of time i spend with them. i always leave feeling refreshed - which is one great reason to have a rehearsal like that on monday nights :)

At September 18, 2009 at 9:55 AM , Blogger Rachel Rambach said...

Thanks for sharing! I can relate - being involved in local community theater, church choir and performing my own (non-children's) music are all things that I do completely for fun and like you, leave me feeling refreshed.

At September 18, 2009 at 1:06 PM , Blogger CLF said...

I do share the same thoughts on musical therapy here.
well for me, i've set my goal to be a sound engineer, planning to work with some of the musicians which I deeply respect like Hans Zimmer, Kitaro & Yanni, because their music stirs the raw emotion in people, which is something great and I'd love to be a part of their musical composition process.


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