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Listen and Learn Music: You Are My Sunshine

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Are My Sunshine

Last night, my good friend Victoria brought her guitar over for an impromtu jam session. Vic has just started learning, but she's already picked up lots of chords and can keep up amazingly well for a beginner! She asked me to teach her a few tunes, so I thought I'd start with one almost everybody knows, You Are My Sunshine. It was so much fun playing and singing with another person, especially a great friend and talented musician.

You Are My Sunshine is a song that I use frequently at school and with my clients. Not only is it easy to sing along to, but it has an amazing calming effect. I was never a huge fan of the second verse ("the other night, dear...") so I changed the lyrics to better fit my population.

When you are smiling, and making music
You keep me happy, when days are blue
So keep on laughing, and keep on singing.
It's almost time to say goodbye to you.

Here is a simple recording (first verse only) that I made for a relaxation CD I put together for my classes at school.

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