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Listen and Learn Music: Colors in the Morning

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Colors in the Morning

It's an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning; the sun is shining in the bright blue sky, which reminded me of a great song I've been waiting to post. A couple weeks ago, a reader named Jamie emailed me with a great idea for an activity he was planning for a group of kids (his own included). The song is based on Donovan's "Colours", whose lyrics he changed to focus on color identification.

Yellow is the color of the bright, bright sun,
In the morning, when I rise,
In the morning, when I rise,
That's the time, that’s the time,
I love the best.

Blue is the color of the clear blue sky...
Green is the color of the dewy grass...
Purple is the color of the lilac bush...
Pink is the color of the flowers that bloom…
Red is the color of the cardinal bird…
Orange is the color of the butterfly…

He suggested the use of scarves for each color in the song, and then the thought occurred to me to make a poster with images for each item in the song, attachable with Velcro. Here is what I created:

I used half of a foamboard and covered it with colored construction paper. Then I attached Velcro (the prickly side) with a sticky back.

Here is the back of the images I made for each item in the song. I laminated each and attached Velcro (the fuzzy side) to the back.

The finished product. I added a verse about an ant (the color "black") so that there would be enough colors for each child in my group.

Thanks, Jamie, for sharing this wonderful idea! I tried it with one of my groups at the Autism Program last week, and it went over really well. I can't wait to do it again next week!

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