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Listen and Learn Music: Costumes on Parade

Monday, October 12, 2009

Costumes on Parade

It's time to announce the third and final winner of the Halloween song topic contest. Congrats to Mrs. Gee, a fellow music educator, for her great idea! She had this to say:

One of the schools where I work used to do a parade of costumes. I think it would be neat to let kids dress up (some teachers of younger students even have dress up centers in their rooms). Then have a song that mentions the costumes as they parade by.

Come one and all,
Big and small,
Gather ‘round for the parade.
We’re dressing up,
On Halloween,
So many costumes to be seen!

Costumes on parade,
Ghosts and witches walking by,
Mummies, vampires, Frankenstein,
And Batman, me oh my!


Costumes on parade,
Clowns and cats are walking by,
Princesses and firemen,
And Elvis, me oh my!


Costumes on parade,
Frogs and monkeys walking by,
Hannah Montana and Harry Potter,
And ninjas, me oh my!


I still remember the costume parades from preschool and elementary school, and my mom even has pictures! I love the idea of using this song to accompany such a parade - it would be so easy to substitute the costumes I used for those that the students are actually wearing. And even if you aren't having a parade, you can still sing the song; just ask the students to suggest the costumes to be included. They could even draw pictures of them as an art project!

Emily, Tip Tom Tom, and Mrs. Gee: I have you to thank for three new Halloween songs, so don't forget to send me the songs you'd like included on your custom Listen & Learn CDs! And thanks to all of you who participated in the song topic contest. There are many more special days coming up, so I can guarantee that there will be a contest or two in the near future.

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At October 14, 2009 at 3:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never actually done this before so sorry in advance if I do something wrong haha but I think the way you sort of organize the song into a list is great! I've always found kids respond best to something if it keeps some kind of order and obviously its just plain fun. I've kind of been toying with anidea of my own (that I don't plan on using but if you can find a way to then that'd be awesome!). You don't have to use this exactly it's just how I thought it up. Take the song "head shoulders knees and toes" and replace the lyrics with something like "witches goblins ghosts and gools, ghosts and gools" and go off of that and just like the original get faster and faster so it's not so repetative. A lot of other songs have so much potential but they just stay the same throughout and I think kids get bored after a while so just thought I'd throw it out there. Actually I think the other songs you wrote that speed up are probably the best ones I've heard :) so you should just do more of them period. Just some thoughts I figured I'd share with you.

At October 14, 2009 at 3:49 PM , Blogger Rachel Rambach said...

I love the idea! You're right...songs that change tempo hold kids' attention so much better than those that are the same throughout. I just might go ahead with that song, if you don't mind, though I'd love to know who you are so I can give you credit :)


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