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Listen and Learn Music: Now Offering Consultative Services

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Now Offering Consultative Services

The greatest feeling in the world is opening an email from a parent who wants to share just how much his or her child enjoys listening to the songs on my website, and wishes I could be that child's music therapist.  Or opening an email from a teacher, explaining how he or she was able to adapt one of my songs or activities for use with his or her students in the classroom.  

That parent's wish can now become a reality, and that teacher no longer has to adapt my activities, because I am now available for consultative services!  These services range anywhere from goal-based, custom written songs to individualized relaxation music to visual aides for songs and activities, all of which will be discussed in detail during an initial consultation with me.

This initial consultation, via phone or video conference, will allow an opportunity for the parent or teacher to tell me all about his or her child or student(s) - needs, special considerations, likes, dislikes, etc. - and we'll just get to know each other a little better. Together we will decide which services are best suited for the child or student(s) and create an individualized plan.

Want to know more?  Please take the following three steps:

1. Download this PDF.
       It will explain each service in detail and provide pricing information.
       It will most likely answer any questions you still have.
       All it takes is an email. Questions welcome. Let's make this happen!  

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