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Listen and Learn Music: Release Party Recap

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Release Party Recap

I work with students of all ages and abilities both in my studio and at school, so to have many of them gathered in one place, all participating and having fun, was a joy to see. The CD Release Party was a huge success, based on the feedback I've received from parents as well as my own assessment - I know I had a great time!

Many of the children came right up to the front of the room, where they sang and danced along with me. A few opted to sit in the audience with their moms and dads, which was just fine, too!

We managed to get a good number of kids into this group shot, though let me tell you, it was a challenge :) I just love this picture, especially the little waves a few of the kids are giving.

Nathaniel is a piano student of mine, and he marched right up to me afterwards to ask for a picture. His little sister, also named Rachel, was at home napping, but their mom has reported that she is a big fan of the CD.

My father-in-law (an avid photographer) took these pictures and many more, all of which can be found here.  Funny enough, he can be seen in action during almost all of the videos from the performance, along with my husband, who was also taking pictures.  I'll have more videos up on my YouTube channel soon, but here's one to give you a taste:

Personally, my favorite moment from this video is when my mom (who is manning the video camera) zooms in on my brother, the sound guy. Doesn't he just look thrilled? Ha! Needless to say, my family was a huge help that day, from setting up/tearing down to serving refreshments to capturing the entire event on film. 

So to recap this recap, visit my photo album to see the rest of the pictures and stay tuned to my YouTube channel for more videos from the performance.  Oh, and most importantly: if you haven't already downloaded or ordered the CD, go do it!  The download is free, or you can name your price if you wish to contribute toward my next studio album.  Thank you SO much to those of you who have already done so...I hope you're enjoying it! 

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At July 13, 2010 at 8:55 PM , Anonymous Marina S. said...

Awesome! Music and movement is good for kids.

At July 14, 2010 at 12:58 AM , Blogger Sandie-Matthew's Mom said...

The video is so much fun to watch. Thank you so much for sharing it on your blog. It's the next best thing to actually being there. Oh, and the picture of your piano student, Nathaniel, and you is really cute. All the pictures are great.
And you look very pretty in that beautiful, blue dress. You have such a wonderful family to help you with the videotaping, picture taking and all the preparations for the party. Again, a BIG congratulations on your new CD.
We love it.


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