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Listen and Learn Music: June 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009

Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

"My Address" and "Digit Dance" have been great teaching tools for one of my music therapy clients this summer, and I just had to share the wealth. The lyrics and chords are now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Fave: iPhone 3GS

Happy Birthday to me! I actually celebrated my 26th several weeks ago, but my husband's gift didn't arrive until Monday. To be honest, I haven't been able to put it down since...but at least I've been putting it to good use! I thought this would be a perfect topic for Friday Faves, so read on to find out how the iPhone has become an integral part of my life as a music therapist.

1. Calendar
Until now, I've had your basic, run-of-the-mill flip phone that doesn't do much besides make calls and send texts. It did have a calendar feature, but it was nowhere near as user-friendly and helpful as the iPhone's. Keeping track of my summer schedule - music therapy appointments, lessons, meetings, deadlines, etc. - has never been easier. I can input my events via my computer (and then sync with the phone) or just the phone itself. I can also set an alarm to remind me of events either the day before or the day of.

2. Voice Memos
This is a brand new feature on the iPhone, and one that I've already come to rely on. As a songwriter, I'm always coming up with song ideas at the most inopportune times. Whether it was in the car, at the grocery store, or what have you, I was constantly forgetting melodies and lyrics I couldn't record or write down in time. Not anymore! Now I just pull out my phone, sing or say my idea right into the speaker, and come back to it later.

3. Checklists
I don't know about you, but I'm a list person. My husband is constantly teasing me about the paper lists I keep, written neatly in colored pen and then marked through with squiggle lines when each item is completed. With the checklist application on my phone, I can now keep separate lists for different areas of my life (music therapy, blogging, errands, groceries) and mark items with a check at completion. Simple, but a list-maker's dream.

4. TweetDeck
I've written previously about my love for Twitter; now thanks to my iPhone, I can "tweet" on the go and keep up with what my "tweeps" are doing. TweetDeck allows me to view both of my Twitter accounts, and I can update either one right from my phone.

5. Email
This is probably the most useful aspect of my iPhone. I'm an email junkie, so having constant access is a real thrill. I can receive and send messages from all three of my accounts, and my phone is kind enough to alert me when I have a delivery to my inbox :)

I really could keep on going here, but I'd hate to bore you. The bottom line is that the iPhone allows me to stay connected, organized, and productive amidst the wonderful chaos that is my daily life. What did I ever do without it? (just kidding...kind of.)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Heart Taylor Swift

Yes, me and every 12-18 year old girl out there. But let's be honest: it's hard not to. She's talented (writes her own songs, plays the guitar, performs live) and wholesome, which are both rare in the world of popular music. Her music is fun and catchy, and it appeals to people of all ages with different tastes.

But her targeted audience just happens to be the stream of tween and teen girls that come to my studio for voice lessons each week. And when I ask them what kind of music they like and want to learn, they inevitably answer, "Taylor Swift."

There is a school of voice instructors that frowns heavily upon teaching popular music, not to mention - gasp! - country music. I should know; every single one of my voice teachers throughout my education hailed from this school. But it is for this very reason that I never even considered enrolling there. I spent many, many years learning songs I couldn't stand because they were songs I needed to know.

The difference between the lessons I took and the lessons I teach is that while I still insist upon teaching those need-to-know songs, I make sure to devote time in each lesson for what my students wants to sing. Tackle "Caro Mio Ben" and then we'll take on "Popular Song of the Moment". This has been my modus operandi since I first began teaching, and it works. My students are happy, their parents are happy, and that combined makes me ecstatic.

This month, Taylor Swift is the shining star - what almost every one of my voice students works toward at the end of her lesson. It's artists like her who inspire these girls to pursue singing, after all.

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

These hot temperatures have got my brain cells acting a little sluggish, which sadly has affected my creativity this week :( So today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!, it's Reader's Choice. Subscribers are extended the invitation to email me with a song download, lead sheet, visual aide, or anything else they've seen at Listen & Learn Music, and I will send it their way. Also, later today I have a fun piece of news to share via video with my subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Heat is On

This is how I've felt every day for the last week or so after spending even a few minutes outside. I tell you what, us Midwesterners get the worst of both winter and summer weather, and we're experiencing the latter right about now. And to think - it's only June! Luckily, I have the perfect song for such a time:

The sun is shining down from the sky,
Today it’s hot, hot, hot!
The temperature is up real high,
Today it’s hot, hot, hot!

Hot, hot, hot out there,
Sittin’ in the shade in a nice cool chair.
Hot, hot, hot out there,
Runnin’ through the sprinkler without a care.

We’re wearing sandals, and short-sleeved shirts,
Today it’s hot, hot, hot!
Boys wearing shorts, and girls wearing skirts,
Today it’s hot, hot, hot!

Hot, hot, hot out there,
Sippin’ lemonade through a plastic straw,
Hot, hot, hot out there,
Hummin’ a tune that goes “la la la la!”

This song perfectly describes a day like today. One of my piano students is having a birthday party this afternoon featuring water balloons and slip 'n slides...I have a feeling that after walking the dog, I'll wish I was at that party!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Hopefully you've read all about my new summer tune and had a chance to listen. Over at Listen & Learn Plus!, the lead sheet (guitar chords and lyrics) for "Summer" is available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Summer has Arrived

Ahhh, summer! These three months are by far my favorite of the entire year, and I start counting down the days around, oh, February. I have so many wonderful summer memories: long, lazy days at the neighborhood pool with my friends, vacations with family, my beautiful August wedding last year...just to name a few. I've already begun making memories for Summer 2009, even though technically, it began just yesterday!

The song I wrote for this season is happy and chill, perfectly reflecting my feelings about summer. I hope you like it! Take a listen:

Do you know the warmest season of all?
It’s not winter, spring, or fall.
It comes in June and sticks around
Until September leaves are down on the ground.

It’s summer, it’s summer,
When the sun’s hot rays brighten all of our days.
It’s summer, it’s summer,
So jump in the pool to keep yourself cool,
While you sing this summertime tune.

June, July and August days are so long,
The sprinklers are going strong.
The grass needs water and so do we
So we’re healthy and we have energy.


Playing outside can be so much fun,
Unless you get burnt by the sun.
So wear your sunscreen, protect your skin,
‘Cause if you don’t, you’ll have to stay in.


I had to include the bit about sunscreen, especially after resisting it for so many years of my childhood. Now more than ever, it's so important for children to be protected in the sun...but I'm sure I don't have to tell you that! But back to the topic of music. I have an entire playlist on my iPod dedicated to the hottest days of the year. What are your favorite summertime tunes? Please do share!

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

This is my dad. We spent Father's Day watching the Cardinals game (not a whole lot has changed over the years, besides my hairstyle!) and then eating one of my dad's specialties for dinner. Don't worry, we offered to take him out, but he wanted my brother to have one last home-cooked meal before he and his fiancee move to South Carolina tomorrow. My dad likes to complain, but the truth is he enjoys cooking for us...even on a day devoted to him :)

I'm lucky to have amazing parents an all-around wonderful family. I got to spend lots of time with them this weekend with all the birthday, engagement, and Father's Day festivities. It was quite the whirlwind, though, and I'm exhausted! I realized today that I forgot to post my "Summer" song on the first official day of the season, so make sure to come back for that tomorrow. Goodnight!

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Lots going on over there this beautiful Friday...

1) There's a new "song of the week" download; this time it's the "Friendly Words" tune. New downloads every Friday.

2) I created a new rhythm activity for my older students, with a music montage made up of many popular, recognizable songs. My three-minute masterpiece (hehe) is now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Counting Time: Baseballs

There are a few things that really epitomize my favorite season (summer, of course) and one of them just happens to be baseball. I come from a long line of St. Louis Cardinals fans, and although I married a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan, we are able to live in harmony thanks to our mutual love of the game :) But I digress. It's counting time, and since America's favorite pastime is at its peak right about now, we're counting baseballs today. Batter up!

Counting time, it's counting time,
So let's all sing this simple rhyme.
Ten little baseballs in a row,
Now let's count them nice and slow:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

How many baseballs?
Ten little baseballs.
All lined up in a row!

I've been to a couple games so far this season, and hopefully there will be at least a few more before the summer's end. In fact, I was invited to one of my students' baseball games this evening. Just one of the many joys of summer...they are countless!

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

I really enjoy blogging about the resources I use most often, especially books, and apparently, people enjoy reading about them! My two top posts in terms of hits (usually as a result of Google searches) are I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and Is Your Mama a Llama?, which just happen to be two of my favorite books.

I have another book to add to the you've probably read or heard time and again. This particular version of There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly is colorfully illustrated by Pam Adams and is from the Books with Holes series, published by Child's Play International. You can find a link to the book on Amazon here. I love that this book has thick (but not overly so) pages and is rather large - it gets the attention of my student and keeps it for the duration of the story.

Each phrase in the book ends with "perhaps she'll die". I don't feel that this is appropriate for young children (though it is the traditional verse), so I always substitute "cry" for "die".

This book is a wonderful tool for animal and color identification, memorization skills, attention to task, reading sight words, and more. It is effective because the illustrations are visually stimulating, and the story is just plain fun :)

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Just a few days ago, I posted my brand new tune - "The Shakin' Song" - which is quickly becoming a new favorite among my students. The lead sheet, which includes guitar chords, is now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Monday, June 15, 2009

New Challenges

I have to say, it feels great to be back in the groove of things. Vacations are always nice, but there come a time when you start to crave routine and normality. I was back in my element today as I worked with quite a few returning students, many of whom present new challenges. But the biggest challenges are my new students, the children whose favorite school subjects, biggest pet peeves, strengths and difficulties I have yet to discover. The fun has begun :)

It was so much fun seeing my music therapy students' reactions to new songs and activities, like Colors in the Morning and The Shakin' Song. But I think the best reactions I got all day were to little Sadie! I couldn't believe how well-behaved my sweet puppy was as children and parents filed in and out of the house all day. And of course, each and every one of them had to stop and pet her. She handled all that extra attention like a champ!

Tomorrow's schedule is a little more laid back, which will be nice after my jam-packed Monday. I have a songwriting session planned for the morning, and then I'm heading to The Autism Program for my last two music therapy classes with the younger groups. Next week, the 9-11 year old class begins. I know I say it a lot, but I can't resist...I love my job!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back to Work

It's been a great two weeks, but all good things must come to an end! Actually, I'm really REALLY excited for this week, as lessons and music therapy resume tomorrow. I have a full day ahead of me: Mondays are my longest, with 9 lessons, 2 individual MT sessions, and 1 group. Just thinking about it makes me exhausted, but happy :)

I thoroughly enjoyed my last day of vacation, which began at 5 am with the dog crying to be let out (the everyday norm). Luckily I got a couple more hours of sleep after that, and then Zach and I set out with Sadie the wonder pup for some playtime in the park.

Turns out Sadie is a fan of the guitar...she is my puppy, after all :) Sadie also displayed her fearlessness, playing with a couple of dogs who outweighed her by 200 pounds. I was more scared than she was! After a jaunt through the fountains, Sadie was exhausted and so were we. I came home to do a bit of recording before hitting my parents' pool (my personal vacation spot). Follow that up with a delicious meal courtesy of mom, and my day was practically perfect!

I'll be back tomorrow with a report on my music-filled Monday, which will begin with lots and lots of coffee. I think I'm going to need the extra caffeine...wish me luck!

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Shakin' Song

Yesterday as I was making plans for summer music therapy, I decided that I needed a new song to rock out to with shakers. Because you can never have enough of them, you know? I wanted something upbeat (obviously...we're playing shakers here!) and fun; luckily this tune came pouring out.

Sheet Music: $1
Add to Cart

Shakers are for shakin’,
Shakin’ right along,
This song is all about shakin’,
You might call it the shakin’ song.
Ba-doo-ba dop, dop, da dop dow,
Shake-a those shakers now!

We’re gonna shake shake shake
Like a puppy’s tail.
Side to side, it never fails
To shake the whole day through, ooh, ooh ohh!
Shakin’ like me and you.


We’re gonna shake shake shake
Like a scaredy-cat,
Who’s scared of this, and scared of that.
He shakes until he’s blue, ooh, ooh ohh!
Shakin’ like me and you.


We’re gonna shake shake shake
Like two hands that greet,
And say hello, it’s nice to meet,
‘Cause that’s the right thing to do, ooh, ooh ohh!
Shakin’ like me and you.


I had all kinds of ideas for how I was going to spend the weekend, but here it is, Saturday morning, and I'm right back in my office, blogging away. What can I say; I just can't resist!

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fave: Twitter

It's just about quitting time, but I wanted to get in one last post before I tear myself away from the computer for the weekend. I haven't done a Friday Fave in a while, so I decided that today's would be dedicated to a little website you may have heard of: Twitter. What's not to love about a site that's all about networking, staying up-to-date with friends, and talking about yourself, all in 140 characters or less?

You may have noticed the Twitter icon I'm sporting in my left sidebar. If you're not following me already, you should be! I'm a little ashamed to say that "tweeting" has become one of my favorite online activities...time that could be better spent writing and recording new songs. I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but for now I'm enjoying making connections with other music therapists, educators, and parents all over the country.

So to sum up: find me on Twitter, introduce yourself, and we'll share in the fun together :) Other than that, enjoy your weekend! New songs coming next week!!

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Lots going on over there this beautiful Friday...

1) There's a new "song of the week" download; this time it's the "June" tune. New downloads every Friday.

2) Yesterday I was hard at work on two brand new sets of iPod Bingo, and today I'm sharing them over at Listen & Learn Music Plus! I'm offering up all 24 sound clips (one for each instrument), and the Bingo boards (12 unique boards for up to 12 players) are now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

America, the Beautiful

I'm always looking towards the next major (or minor) holiday with anticipation, because holidays mean special songs to go with them. And everyone knows that one of the biggest days of summer is the Fourth of July. I love this particular holiday because there are so many great songs just waiting to be played and sung. Recently, Songs for Teaching asked me to record a few for their website, and I was more than happy to do so. Follow the links to listen to a sample of each:

America the Beautiful

The Star-Spangled Banner

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

I have strong memories that accompany many of the patriotic songs we all know and love, and I bet you do, too. A few include being the designated high note hitter whenever my high school choir performed the "Star-Spangled Banner" (though I doubt I could hit that note these days!), playing "Yankee Doodle" obsessively on the piano as a little girl, and middle school choreography to "You're A Grand Old Flag". Ahh, memories!

What are your favorite patriotic tunes?

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

"Jingle Joe" is a favorite song among my students, and the go-to tune for playing the tambourine. When one of my Listen & Learn Plus! readers requested the guitar chords, I happily obliged. The "Jingle Joe" lead sheet is now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Positive Affirmations

Sometimes being a music therapist is hard. Music therapy, like parenting or teaching, is seldom a cut-and-dried job, and every once in a while I have to question whether what I'm doing is right, or best, or even working at all. Since I don't have any music therapists as colleagues in my proximity, it's almost always my students and their parents who provide that feedback.

As the summer begins and I prepare to take on several new clients and students in my private practice, I find myself second-guessing my work more frequently than usual. This can be a little overwhelming, but it's actually a useful tool that I think is helping me grow as a music therapist. It's so easy to get stuck in a rut and rely on the interventions that have worked in the past, but I hate the thought of being like those teachers who teach the same lessons, assign the same homework, and give the same tests year after year. I'm much too creative for that :)

In the last few days I've had the opportunity to do quite a bit of self-reflecting, and in that time I've also been lucky to have several positive affirmations passed my way. The first was in the form of my end-of-the-year evaluation at school, where the music therapy program rests in my hands. Talk about pressure! But the wonderful feedback I received gives me great peace of mind. I had a similar experience with several parents of children who attend my music therapy class at The Autism even said that it was the "best music experience" her child ever had. That was huge.

But the best affirmation I've received all week, I think, came from my 2-year-old niece Kaitlin, who lives in Denver. Her mom accidentally left the CD I recorded and sent her at home, instead of bringing it to play in the car on the way to daycare as usual. Well, Kaitlin was not having this at all, and threw a tantrum all the way there. "I want Aunt Rachel singing!!!" were her words, I believe. Upon hearing this, I made a second CD (with all new songs for my sister's sake) and sent it out immediately!

These are the things that inspire me every day, and assure for me that I'm in the right place. My job might not be the easiest, and it may not be the highest-paying, but the benefits are countless.

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

iPod Bingo is one of my students' favorite activities. While I get busy creating a few new sets of cards and songs, the "Movies" version of iPod Bingo that I created last fall (read about it here) is now available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Story of My Feelings

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have a lot to do today, as my private practice's summer session begins on Monday and this afternoon is my second round of music therapy classes at The Autism Program. But before I get to work on all of that, I wanted to share one of my very favorite resources with you: The Story of My Feelings. It comes from one of my very favorite artists, Laurie Berkner, a name that should be very familiar around here!

I use this book with children of all ages and levels of development, as it appeals to almost everyone. I remember using it with a group of young children for the first time, and by the end of the story, several of the moms were tearing up. The illustrations in the book are great, and this is such a wonderful way to address emotions with children. I have an older group of kids with whom I use this book, and they love to imitate each action in the book as I sing about it (especially YELLING!). It is definitely a resource that I will never retire.

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Learning to read notes on the staff is a necessary but sometimes frustrating endeavor for young musicians. I explain my strategy for teaching this skill, posting a how-to for flashcards (including pictures), and the worksheet I created for my beginning students is available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

We get up close and personal, as I post a video "hello" to my lovely subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Colors in the Morning

It's an absolutely beautiful Saturday morning; the sun is shining in the bright blue sky, which reminded me of a great song I've been waiting to post. A couple weeks ago, a reader named Jamie emailed me with a great idea for an activity he was planning for a group of kids (his own included). The song is based on Donovan's "Colours", whose lyrics he changed to focus on color identification.

Yellow is the color of the bright, bright sun,
In the morning, when I rise,
In the morning, when I rise,
That's the time, that’s the time,
I love the best.

Blue is the color of the clear blue sky...
Green is the color of the dewy grass...
Purple is the color of the lilac bush...
Pink is the color of the flowers that bloom…
Red is the color of the cardinal bird…
Orange is the color of the butterfly…

He suggested the use of scarves for each color in the song, and then the thought occurred to me to make a poster with images for each item in the song, attachable with Velcro. Here is what I created:

I used half of a foamboard and covered it with colored construction paper. Then I attached Velcro (the prickly side) with a sticky back.

Here is the back of the images I made for each item in the song. I laminated each and attached Velcro (the fuzzy side) to the back.

The finished product. I added a verse about an ant (the color "black") so that there would be enough colors for each child in my group.

Thanks, Jamie, for sharing this wonderful idea! I tried it with one of my groups at the Autism Program last week, and it went over really well. I can't wait to do it again next week!

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Today at Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Summer can bring all kinds of weather conditions, and that give us plenty to sing about! All of the lead sheets to my summer weather songs (which include "Sunny Day", "Rainy Day", "Hot Day" and "Warm Day") are available to download for subscribers...learn about becoming one today!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Something to Celebrate

It's June 5th, which means I'm one year older today. 26! Even though I don't love these growing numbers, I do love celebrating my birthday. I was awakened by my husband and puppy singing "Happy Birthday" to me (well, Zach was doing most of the singing, and Sadie was mostly just licking). and then we took her for a walk around the neighborhood. I'm going out to lunch this afternoon, and then hopefully spending some quality time by the pool :) Tonight my friends and family are gathering for a little shindig, topping off the perfect birthday.

Have a great day...I know I will!

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Listen & Learn Music Plus!

Listen and Learn Music Plus! is a premium addition to the original...the icing on the cake, if you will. Members will have access to lead sheets for each song, videos, special posts on a number of topics, and one song download every week. All of this (and much more) for $36 per YEAR. That's 52 songs and lead sheets for less than 75 cents each.

Who should become a member? Anyone who:
  • is a parent, music therapist, teacher, or other professional working children.
  • reads Listen & Learn on a regular basis and enjoys listening to the songs.
  • would like access to visual aides and materials for use in the classroom, at home, or in music therapy sessions.
  • sings and/or plays the guitar and desires to learn new tunes.
  • wants songwriting advice.
  • is in search of new ideas, interventions, and activities.
This isn't an exhaustive list, but you get the general idea. Questions are welcome!
Here is how Listen & Learn Music Plus! works: once you have paid your yearly subscription fee of $36 securely through PayPal, you will receive an email inviting you to the members-only blog. Use your Google ID to sign in; if you don't have one, no worries! It takes only minutes to sign up for one, and it is free.

Voila! That is all it takes to become a member and gain access to the many perks Listen & Learn Music Plus! has to offer. Now just click on the button below to purchase your subscription.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Word To My Readers: Part 1

When I wrote the first Listen & Learn Music post back in September of 2008, I had no idea that people would actually read it. Of course, I hoped they would, but I never expected my little blog to get hundreds of hits each day. Nor did I expect that I would get emails from readers telling me how they are using my songs in their classrooms, with their clients, or even with their own children.

But that is what happened. Since September, I have written over 200 posts, shared hundreds of songs, and sold countless CDs. Writing Listen & Learn Music is one of my favorite things in the world, and I have no plans to discontinue any time soon! In fact, I want it to grow and spread, so that it can reach even more people who might benefit from it. I have a lot of help from you, my readers, linking back to me and telling your friends and colleagues. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your efforts.

The songs I share on my blog always have been and will continue to be available for anyone to listen to, in their entirety, as many times as they'd like. The same goes for the lyrics, which always accompany the songs I post. For those who want to use these songs or learn to play/sing them, lead sheets (chords and lyrics) are available for $1/song, the mp3s can be purchased through Songs for Teaching, and custom CDs sell for $10.

Don't worry, nothing is going to change around here...but I am going somewhere with this. You'll just have to come back tomorrow to find out where!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's Out for the Summer

Can this really be true? Well, judging from my near-empty, cleaned out music room and the big smiles on all of the teachers' faces, I guess it is! This school year has been an exciting one, and today marks the end of my second full year here at Hope. This afternoon during my end-of-the-year evaluation, my principal asked, "You WILL be coming back in the fall, right?" Of course I answered with an emphatic YES...I'm thrilled to be able to keep my position going, especially since it was originally funded by a two-year grant.

This morning was our annual school talent show, in which I participated with a couple of the Junior classes. They wrote an "American Idol" themed skit, and I was one of the contestants. Unfortunately, I lost to a student, which just goes to show how talented our kids are :) Watching the rest of the acts, it made me realize how much I'm going to miss this place over the summer. I love our kids, and the staff is amazingly supportive of me and my program. It's a wonderful place to be a music therapist.

Today's the last day of school, but it's the first day of music therapy at The Autism Program. I started this in the summer of 2008, and I am so excited to be back for a second summer. We have three different sessions to accomodate all ages, and though each session is only three weeks long, we make the very best of it. Can't wait to get started this afternoon!

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Hooray for June!

At last, my very favorite month of the year has arrived. This first week of June is an eventful one: Tuesday is the last day of school and my first music therapy session of the summer at the Autism Program, Thursday I'm going to a Cardinals game with my dad and brother, and Friday is my birthday! Let the fun begin.

Aside from being the first day of June, today marks another momentous occasion - this is my 200th blog post! Holy cow, I can't believe that in the last 9 months, I've written 200 posts. I hope you'll stick around for the next 200 :)

But let's get down to business. As you know, every month has its own song, and June is no exception. I think the June song might just be my favorite of the 12, but I'll let you decide for yourself which one is your favorite.

Let’s all sing a happy tune,
And celebrate because it’s June!
Month number six for thirty days,
So go outside and catch some rays.

For part of June, we’re out of school,
Let’s go swimming at the pool.
But when our summer break has passed,
The days are fun and they go by fast.


Next to come is Father’s Day,
Whether near or far away.
We’ll thank him for the things he’s done
And tell him that he’s number one.


This is the month when summer starts,
That’s one of the best parts.
The days get longer as they go,
Which helps the flowers bloom and grow.


I have lots of last minute things to do before I say goodbye to school for a couple of months, so I'd better get to it! Enjoy the first day of June :)

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